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September 2018

— Ye, there, in programming streams


Hello, I try to do one thing but I can not finish it.
I have a txt with div lines, and in the html I am trying to make a comparison with what is inside a div. I got js to read the file and separate it by lines, but I do not see how I can read them and compare them so they can not be added in the html.

— Lol thought twitch is only for gaming

— Were you sleeping, when i posted links on twitch?

— I guess so😂

— Sounds like you want a diffing algorithm?

— Anyone here made the toptal test?

— They claim only 3% make it..

— But I believe in all of your skills 🤪

— How did you know about toptal? one man recommended me to sign up there

— I wanted to do the test beginning this year, but after a little reality check I told myself to learn the nutshell stuff and odd things like floating point number comparison and other tricky things

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— I'm into his for 4-5 years now but almost never vanilla but either react. So it was always pre chewed stuff I'm working with

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