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August 2018

— Hell, that man is great:


Im sure, here, are a plenty of webpack+react professionals, maybe the creator of webpack, sitting here, waiting for 31337 question. so, drop it out.

— Hit us

— Created a cli to install webpack boilerplates. I am searching for guys who are good with webpack and know configs for special libraries/situations. Added boilerplates for vanilla javascript, react and vue. I need guys who add some more boilerplates. I dont know every library and its proper webpack config.

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— Its pretty easy to add boilerplates which are then available for users of the tool. I know the docs are pretty bad, if u have any questions about how to add a boilerplate just ask me. I want to make it easy for guys who dont know anything about webpack and how to properly configure it.

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— Motivate us🤤

— Do it for the community guys let everyone have the chance to use proper webpack configs with almost zero knowledge about it!!😂😂

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— See, you laughing yourself. started for life, finished for death. Do it for communism comrades!😊 bring some more examples, that's the way, imo.

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— Ops, missed the chat)

— Yeah your right, will post some pictures of how to use it and explain how to add boilerplates😄

— I saw a man on twitch, he was having troubles with webpack, im not advertising twitch, but the ppl who have troubles will, probably accept the idea without delays. like answering at stackexchange, they often say about their tool that eliminates the problem etc.

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— On twitch?