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July 2019

— Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV

— Okay, help that person then. I'm not gonna waste my time

— Such wasting time helps to improve coding skills, actually)

— No one is angry. I think is stupid to let lazy people pass exams, but it's you time use it as you please

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I'm here to help with specific things related to C/C++, not for doing someone's homework. To improve my coding skills I just work on personal projects

— You should just say how much $$$ you can spend

— And that's by far the best way to improve your skills

— No, these are just retarded

— Here u have exersice for a 5-10 minutes, and can see solution from other people, compare it (speed, time, complexety)
that is not the same as "personal project"

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— waits for this debate to be over

— That's some kind of competition may by, or smth like that

— Because they probably want it for a knowledge, while these, mostly Indians want to become hackers or just pass their exams

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— Nice discussion was I'm java group now if you want to read some ^^

— How to become hacker?

— This is jok3 right