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August 2018

— Tamil, Sanskrit, Latin, and Greek are generally considered pure, and only one of them is alive


And then you have Japanese where you write "tree tree" meaning "trees" and "tree tree tree" for "forest"

— I just speculate, not a scholar on these things :)

— Georgian is a weird language for sure. My ex gf studies in Georgia.

— I've to read about it

— Pure, unpure, pure, unpure.. ease functions are pure🤤 ye

— Hue, I'd never envy his job

— That's stupid. names are stupid. most of all cities. names should be integers or integers with one letter combination.

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— I think I'll go off until morning. Running low on battery and ~4 hours to go.

— Sad

— Good night y'all

— Ye, laugh. you are thinking about urself only. 12x is more reasonable that Poti-poti street