Message from C, C++ talks

July 2019

— If you changed its params before

— Okay, for serialization some data.. good

— Crush is just crush without warnings

— We don't want user to experience program crushes without any message why this happened


I think if malloc return 0, there is only two reasons:
1) u force malloc to do this(pass max_size_t)
2) ur code is bullshit

— Crash*

— Thnx

— Yea, I just wrote like him 😅

— Or your code is in a container

— Crush is person you in love, I know

— 🌚bad idea

— C++ is so complex

— In fact, problem we discussed, is more for C lang

— 3) You wrote your own malloc (and probably it has an error)

— C++ gives compile time error))