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July 2019

— But what's the error

— What are u realy want, when init int var by pointer?

— I think you should delete this function and rewrite it from scratch.

— Think it is a pointer problem while moving through addresses


1) init int variable by char** value
2) iterate throw char** in while loop instead of char*
3) compare pointers instead of values (i.e. *str == "A")
4) init char* field by char const* variable (in *str = "B")

— Actually, here's the right answer))))
delete that shit

— For the god sake, what is the meaning of that "A" and "B"?!

— Just a test to check if the replacement is working

— Lol!

— To test I'm using as argv[1] ABABABAAABAA to check if A's are converted to B's

— It doesn't work, because "A" and 'A' are whole diff things

— Another one bites the dust...!
Banned SamuraiLeon $3 🐧🐧🐧🌊🔐.
What the hell

— That bot are scaring me

— Why do you test replacement if you want to delete spaces?
I would just create second array where to copy non-space symbols from the initial.

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— Ok, I'll try to do that