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July 2019

— Oh

— What is that green grainy circle on the group pic?

— Can anyone check why isn't this program working?

— What's going on in removeSpaces routine?


Turbo, [7/11/19 7:53 PM]
I have a makefile which when compile produces this error

A subdirectory or folder already exists.
Error occurred while processing :obj
Make file recipe for target 'prepare' failed

Please help me to solve this problem

What must I do to correct this?

— Seg fault

— You must at least show what you wrote

— Ok sir

— Hey everyone this is Diva & i wanna learn from the basic programming languages anybody here to teach me

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— I know it doesn't work, I completely don't get what the hell is going on there. "A"? "B"? i2+2?

— Nor guide

— Welcome Till!
Please read the pinned message 🙂

— What is it!

— Please I have posted the makr file

— The one u was getting errors from