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July 2019

— Anything but Turbo IDE

— Code Blocks is good for beginners

— I'd say go for gcc and use a text editor of your choice.

— Ok


So when you get the array start iterating over it and increment a counter if the character isn't ' ' or '\n'.

— Can I capture screen with mobile camera and can I post that pic

— Nope, use pastebin.

— Ok

— 😂😂😂😂😂

— But i cnt do that i am suppose to use " while(scanf());" to perform this thats why i am stuck

— Scanf has nothing to do with arrays?

— Its only my task

— So ihave to do it

— Can you remove my warn... Because I don't no how to ask a question

— That's why the rules are pinned, so everyone can reach them easily.