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July 2019

— You're breaking like 3 rules right there

— Read them before you get your second warning

— Then how can I ask

— #howtoask


Try phrasing your question like this:

1. Tell us the problem

2. Tell us what you have done so far.

3. Tell us how you got to this point

4. Paste code in pastebin or something similar

5. Wait for beautiful answers

— 1. Use a normal IDE
2. Post a screenshot or pastebin
3. Ask a question

— Suggest me IDE

— I want to the coun of the contents of the array without including the space and new line character while the user enters its contents during program exectution

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— Anything but Turbo IDE

— Code Blocks is good for beginners

— I'd say go for gcc and use a text editor of your choice.

— Ok

— So when you get the array start iterating over it and increment a counter if the character isn't ' ' or '\n'.

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— Can I capture screen with mobile camera and can I post that pic

— Nope, use pastebin.