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July 2019

— Only _Boolean, through an extra header.

— So you can “grow” an array

— And those newly added memory locations will be continous?

— Can the heap overflow the the stack somehow?


I mean, the heap grows downwards and the stack grows upwards. Assuming the heap grows rapidly, it can overwrite the stack. Or am I missing something?

"Downwards" and "upwards" are relative to memory address layout.

— Yes, can happen

— So can a memory leak vulnerability thus lead to exploitability, hence one can carefully engineer the payload to overwrite the stack with code, which redirects the control flow?

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— How to flip a bit without using conditionals or ternary operators.
bit operators. if input is 1 output is 0 is this possible?

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— Whithout bitwise operators is going to be difficult, if not imposible

— It is:

typedef char bool;
#define true 1
#define false 0

— Hm, thanks for that!

— Arr = [ 1,0]
bit = arr[bit%2]

//only fir single bit

— A^1?

— That would fall under "bit operators" I think.

— Why is this program causing me a segmentation fault?