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July 2019

β€” Doesn’t look like spam

β€” Just this system πŸ˜‚

β€” Mhm

β€” It's his 2nd time when he uses it :D


List of notes in C/C++:
- 0_to_show_item_use"#item"
- awesomeness
- best
- best-book
- bingo
- callingfunction
- cbook
- `c++_isnt_c_with_classes`
- cpp
- cppbook
- findprojects
- freeprogrammingbooks
- gcc9
- goodcodingmentality
- goodgoogling
- googleit
- great
- hownottoask
- howtoask
- howtopostcode
- howtoprogram
- ide
- learn
- mcve
- meta
- noendl
- nousingstd
- offtopic
- ossu
- ot
- reference-the-standard
- rules
You can retrieve these notes by using /get notename, or #notename

β€” For python beginners which book is best

β€” #freeprogrammingbooks

β€” Https://

β€” #findprojects

β€” 1. Go to
2. Tap on search.
3. Use advanced search.
4. Select your working language.
5. Press the search button.
6. Hover through the repositories and select one of them.
7. Fork it.
8. Do what you want to do.
9. Make a pull request so that the "original owner" can look at the changes and merge them if he feels the need to.
10. Voila!

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β€” Python beginners books

β€” /warn python begginers warn

β€” User Hanumesh has 1/2 warnings; be careful!
The latest warn was because:
python begginers warn

β€” Why it’s so hard to read the rules

β€” I wanted too