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July 2019

— After i=0 inside 'for' you need ';' instead of ','

— Also, as a compiler said, you didn't declare 'a'.

— Lines 12 and 16

— A -> numbers


IfI have two objects, the two will have the name 'mail' the email body of the first will be processed and if I click on the first, after, the second's body is processed, so it'll be the body of the second cause the second was processed in last

— So, to fix it, I need to name each 'mail' with another name, I want to use the 'i' integer that I used before to name my MailButton, the first will be 'mail0', after, 'mail1'....

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— But I don't know the syntaxe to do it or if there is a trick

— And I haven't find on the web...

— Sounds like arrays. Google std::vector, maybe it's what you're looking for.

— Or std::array if the count is known at compile time.

— Oh, I have a light

— Const char *name = "mail" + i; and MailButton *name = MailButton

— Don't work....

— I don't understand how to use std::vector

— i should be converted to string. Otherwise it converted to char and basically it's an index in ASCII table in this case (not what you're looking for).
Try to google itoa.

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