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July 2019

β€” Yeah

β€” We can steal from a lvalue alsoπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚

β€” Std types are described "lightly", standard doesn't cover all usecases. I believe std types are allowed to stay in unspecified state after move. But move can be well specified for your own type

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β€” Correct. As I said, moving is choosing overload


I've been asking about whether I can check the validity of the object in the compile time?!

β€” /saved

β€” List of notes in C/C++:
- 0_to_show_item_use"#item"
- awesomeness
- best
- best-book
- bingo
- callingfunction
- cbook
- `c++_isnt_c_with_classes`
- cpp
- cppbook
- findprojects
- freeprogrammingbooks
- gcc9
- goodcodingmentality
- goodgoogling
- googleit
- great
- hownottoask
- howtoask
- howtopostcode
- howtoprogram
- ide
- learn
- mcve
- meta
- noendl
- nousingstd
- offtopic
- ossu
- ot
- reference-the-standard
- rules
You can retrieve these notes by using /get notename, or #notename

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β€” Answer is no

β€” Thank you

β€” #rules

β€” Https://

β€” #ot

β€” Https://

β€” You can't do it in runtime also

β€” May be someone knows here.
How can I debug signals using vscode? It just doesn't stop on breakpoint if signal catched.
I am debugging it with lldb now but it's not much convenient.

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