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July 2019

— Ofc

— I don't know anything else other than this variant

— What you mean static?

— So? I will go sleep soon


When moving an invalid object the behavior is undefined, right?!
Same as the static move(if it is exist) when moving with static move(compile time move) the behavior is a compiler error

— There's no static move you described

— And moving smth already moved is ub only for std types, not your own

— Didn't you just read, (if it is exist)?

— Wow wow
That is a wrong statement

— What makes stds special from my types?!

— You know what move does, right? Helps to choose specific overload

— That's all

— I'll provide an example a bit later

— Yeah

— We can steal from a lvalue also🤷🏻‍♂