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July 2019

— As I know
Compile time check is done for constants

— Moving and compile time check are completely different things

— What do you mean how?

— Well
If it is possible, I would call it static move


Then also move constructor should change some state in the data that can be checked then by this function

— Ofc

— I don't know anything else other than this variant

— What you mean static?

— So? I will go sleep soon

— When moving an invalid object the behavior is undefined, right?!
Same as the static move(if it is exist) when moving with static move(compile time move) the behavior is a compiler error

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— There's no static move you described

— And moving smth already moved is ub only for std types, not your own

— Didn't you just read, (if it is exist)?

— Wow wow
That is a wrong statement

— What makes stds special from my types?!