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July 2019

— You mean learn all memory using stuff from c like mallocing arrays and then learn vector to not use it

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— True to some extent, dynamic programming.

— I've never seen corporate programmers in bigger projects use namespaces.

— Yeah thanks fr suggesting


I don't understand namespaces and stuffs i just learnt few stuffs which were taught in our school like array problems some ds and algorithms

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— Https://

— Discuss there

— Okay thanks

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— Https://

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— Heya :) PM me if you have any questions on how to use me!

— Guys
Anyway to do a static check to the validity of the object after it's moved?!


Object obj;
Object oth = std::move(obj);
obj.say_hi();//error: Instance is not valid

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— Only if type itself has something like is_valid