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July 2019

— Purge complete.

— So how is it going?

— Wait please

— Okay~


Sir can i send my snippet how i learnt to write code in our school ... Just let me know if iam doing wrong .... actually we never used stdio.h

— Oh sure

— Https://

— Sir this is how i learnt to write code

— This would work if you used c++ and you put the values in stdin and not arguments

— Also we had 3 sorting algorithm 2 search algorithm and 5 data structures
Sorting = bubble , selection , insertion
Search = binary and linear
Ds= que using arrays n link list , circular que and stacks linklist and array

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— So i shud use stdin instead of cin

— No

— C++ is different programming language

— Also i heard namespace std usage is a bad habit

— So the one i wrote is cpp right?