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July 2019

— Hi everybody. İ try to write a program to input 2 d array elements and print them by using pointer. But when i run program, i get this output. How can i fix this?

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— Https://

— Here’s your link.

— Thanks


Thread synchronization is what are looking for just fire up two threads with different priorities in such a way the "water" func start first followed by "melon" func.

— I post this in other chat

— Then i get booted lol

— Algo correct. What is not correct - creation of array. I got segfault, then I just force it to be size of 10 max, result:

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— Indeed

— May be it's legit - I know there is VLA, but it doesn't work on my machine.

— Are ideone links allowed?

— I corrected it in ideone

— VLAs are actually a GNU extension, so that's probably why

— They were allowed in one of the ISO C version, but removed in the next iirc

— Were they?