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July 2019

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— Turbo were you able to compile your app?

— I can now compile I used cmake

— My problem is solved


That's good, but just for you to know what the cause of the error was, i'll explain it for you:
-First of all It was a Linking error.
-Since you are using glfw to create windows (which uses gdi32 functions under the hood), you have to tell the compiler to link it the program as if it were a Windowed App, and this is done by adding the

in gcc or g++

Hope this help

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— Hi everybody. İ try to write a program to input 2 d array elements and print them by using pointer. But when i run program, i get this output. How can i fix this?

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— Https://

— Here’s your link.

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— Thread synchronization is what are looking for just fire up two threads with different priorities in such a way the "water" func start first followed by "melon" func.

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