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July 2019

— You're totally confused. You don't need these to know, but there are exceptions. There are many programmers that know C for the first view. Yes, they can write code in C, but that code is full of UBs, which come with real issues.

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— What are you using gdi32 for?

— Let's talk about good code. Of course any monkey can write shit code in any language.

— Which compiler (mingw32 [gcc], Visual C++ [cl])?


It doesn't matter what editor you are using for writing your code while it is not an IDE
What really matters is what compiler you're using

— Can be as an Anti-Forensic Technique to after using a Heap Space using malloc() overwrite with zero's all the allocated memory of Heap reserved to us, and then use the free() command to send the OS "recycle that memory"? that way the bytes are overwritten and no one can recover that bytes right?

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— 1) calloc
2) RtlSecureZeroMemory or analog

— Mingw

— Have you tried compiling it without

or with

— Ain’t the second one redundant?

— Honestly i've never tried to compile OpenGL apps with Mingw32, i've done so with VS C++

— I think it is 😅, but i don't remember

— How to print "water melon" in cpp using thread
"water" from one function and "melon" from another

— Wtf

— Lambda ?