Message from C, C++ talks

July 2019

— It's not just about learning it

— Yes i want to master it but i am weak at it

— The only thing difficult to deal with in C its codebase

— I think C is pretty easy language, the main problem is in understanding how CPU and memory works. To code C you need to know how computer, OS, FS, devices works

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"master" is a strong word. if you want to get good at it. sure you could do it, but to "master" it it would take years of experience

— Is there a book or link u can send so that i can learn c plz

— No. learn to Google

— There you'll find everything

— And if you can't figure something out then ask here

— Agree, existing code so spagetty with infinite number of defines inside code for cross-platform. Also all that encrypted names of vars/funcs where only creator knows why it has it's name

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— Okkk

— Totally yess

— You're totally confused. You don't need these to know, but there are exceptions. There are many programmers that know C for the first view. Yes, they can write code in C, but that code is full of UBs, which come with real issues.

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— What are you using gdi32 for?

— Let's talk about good code. Of course any monkey can write shit code in any language.