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July 2019

β€” True.

β€” Not much, but ask. there are people here who do

β€” Is this correct? why the second field is giving -62 while I request -60 , but the last one it contains the right value
nasm > jmp short $-60
00000000 EBC2 jmp short 0xffffffc4

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β€” I like risky life πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Probably the instruction pointed to by $-60 isn't one byte only and it goes to the start of it which turns out to be $-62

β€” Just a guess

β€” It is counting $ and - as bytes too. It’s weird

β€” Wdym counting?

β€” It’s adding jmp β€œ$” and β€œ-β€œ as bytes

β€” It's replacing $ with an offset tho

β€” Weird

β€” But it should be able to just replace that offset-60 to another offset

β€” Still not sure what your question is

β€” That’s not printing the right offset in the right place

β€” Did you check what that offset corresponds to?