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July 2019

— 1. Go to
2. Tap on search.
3. Use advanced search.
4. Select your working language.
5. Press the search button.
6. Hover through the repositories and select one of them.
7. Fork it.
8. Do what you want to do.
9. Make a pull request so that the "original owner" can look at the changes and merge them if he feels the need to.
10. Voila!

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— Noobs.

— True.

— Not much, but ask. there are people here who do


Is this correct? why the second field is giving -62 while I request -60 , but the last one it contains the right value
nasm > jmp short $-60
00000000 EBC2 jmp short 0xffffffc4

— I like risky life 😂😂

— Probably the instruction pointed to by $-60 isn't one byte only and it goes to the start of it which turns out to be $-62

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— Just a guess

— It is counting $ and - as bytes too. It’s weird

— Wdym counting?

— It’s adding jmp “$” and “-“ as bytes

— It's replacing $ with an offset tho

— Weird

— But it should be able to just replace that offset-60 to another offset

— Still not sure what your question is