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July 2019

— Ok

— For example, visual studio

— Is there anything such as Cmake compiler

— I need some help ;| I have some libraries but the libraries use cmake to be build... In some files there is some gpgme++ depends. I'm extracting data, files and re-using library but when I compile my project I have the following error:

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In file included from Cryptography/GpgMe++.cpp:31:0:
/usr/include/qgpgme/dataprovider.h:27:37: fatal error: interfaces/dataprovider.h: No such file or directory
#include <interfaces/dataprovider.h>

— But the file is here...

— Because your file should be in "interfaces" directory

— And it's not

— No, it's here

— Every files are here

— But the files includes itself with <...>

— It includes with a file which has the same name in the directory "interfaces"

— Welcome Michael!
Please read the pinned message 🙂

— I'll test if it works

— If no, I'll give up