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July 2019

— So this is diff from the one you sent earlier

— But,... if you are able to write your own std-complient compiler, you probably already know most people from the std-commitee

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— Implementation clsims some level of support, users check if it's documented, file bugs etc

— Btw, if anyone wants to attend the next std meeting. its in two weeks in cologne ;)


Because standard doesn't say "string must have these fields", it says "it must have following functionality"

— Aah now I get it.

— Can I put it like "MSVC is one of the standard CPP library" ?

— Can I get any response??

— Msvs is a compiler

— They use dirkumware std, which is c++ std lib (one of)

— Libcxx

— ?

— Can you just wait? It's not like you're entitled to get one as soon as you post your question

— One from clang/llvm, also std lib

— Diff b/w cland and llvm