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July 2019

— They are

— No they are people who write standard libraries. there are many standard libraries and everyone can write one.

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— Popular ones are the MSVC standard library, libcxx and libstdc++

— Libcxx is core-maintained by marshal clow and loius dionne


But if anyone can write a standard lib, then who decides whether it is exactly following the CPP STANDARDS laid down by the developers?

— And if anyone can define them then is there must be some chance of faulty implementation

— 1. why caps?
2. if you decide to use a specific library you know whether it does or doesn't comply

— Obviously all the major ones do

— The std-commitee decides whether you are allowed to call your compiler a c++ compliant compiler

— 👍🏿

— If you market yourself as a cpp compiler without talking to them, chances are, that you get sued

— You're right. The kernel is not the topic of this conversation. The topic of the conversation is that guy who doesn't know which language he should start off. Over years, people think of C as a programming language which provides basics of knowledge about *programming world*. That is, if one learnt C, there would be no problem for them (maybe tiny ones only) to jump into JavaScript or PHP, and the same with C++ - the question is just codestyle as far as I get it. There's meaning called "C-like syntax".

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— This one helped me understand how it works. Thanx brother

— Np. you just need to understand, that the commitee is a loose stucture that works democratically.
anyone can attend the meetings, anyone can vote in some, but not in all issues

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— I don't think you would if you claim being compliant with a specific draft and not the official release

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