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July 2019

— Better to use smart pointers

— You can

— Didn't understand what u mean by "the stand. doesn't define it..." and why can't I be sure?

— Now this is getting completely over my head


Well because the library implementors can choose how to store the string and you can't be sure because there are many standard libraries and they have all choose diffrent ways of storing the data

— Bcz I don't have any knowledge of how these are defined and all the developer stuff

— Https://

— Sorry for a noob question : but who are the library implementors? R they the cpp developers?

— People who write hod for std libs

— They are

— No they are people who write standard libraries. there are many standard libraries and everyone can write one.

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— Popular ones are the MSVC standard library, libcxx and libstdc++

— Libcxx is core-maintained by marshal clow and loius dionne

— But if anyone can write a standard lib, then who decides whether it is exactly following the CPP STANDARDS laid down by the developers?

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— And if anyone can define them then is there must be some chance of faulty implementation