Message from C, C++ talks

July 2019

— I wouldn't say C# is a good example. It wasn't available for linux over years

— No string.cpp here

— Well that's for libcxx. if you're looking at libstdc++ then idk

— I just wanted string class implementation code


If they wrote the kernel on it, it would be available from the box.

The reason the kernel is not rewritten in C++ not because C++ is worser than C.
You usually do not rewrite projects just because there's a new language.
Otherwise we would constantly rewrite our code.

— And nothing else. Where ca I get it?

— And I would like a nice dinner

— Well write it yourself

— Aah !! But I guess I made someone upset

— Sorry

— Guys

— Its okay, you will get there eventually

— I got it.

— But the reason I was asking is

— That