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July 2019

— Wanted a string class implementation code

— I don't know how to do that

— Kindly help

— In which folder will that be?


And "low level guys" like not having their code being generic and prefer to have the overhaed of doing all checks that could be done at compile time at runtime?

— Weird but ok

— Src/string.cpp, but it won't be as simple as copying the file

— I wouldn't say C# is a good example. It wasn't available for linux over years

— No string.cpp here

— Well that's for libcxx. if you're looking at libstdc++ then idk

— I just wanted string class implementation code

— If they wrote the kernel on it, it would be available from the box.

The reason the kernel is not rewritten in C++ not because C++ is worser than C.
You usually do not rewrite projects just because there's a new language.
Otherwise we would constantly rewrite our code.

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— And nothing else. Where ca I get it?

— And I would like a nice dinner

— Well write it yourself