Message from C, C++ talks

July 2019

— Why so?

— I don't think it needs purge

— What is more friendly for newbie C or C++ for now ?

— I think it's C++


To my mind, C++ have more useless features for the beginners, so they will don't know what to learn first

— C++ can be just as friendly as C

— Friendly stuff is not great too

— Not sure I follow your question, but... that's what I did back in the days when I wanted to start learning C++. But now C seems to be enough for me

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— The most import thing is logical thinking

— And C have nothing except basic control flow and functions :D

* that's why I love C *

— Yes but if he learnt C and then did C++, well that the reason we still see such bad C++ code. He wouldn't know what a range-based for loop is. He would still be using indicies to iterate over containers and not using itertors like he should

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— You'r just advising him to use C in C++ and that's very wrong

— C++ is better language for modern days but you need to know c for low level

— If you don't want c , asm is fine

— What is there that would require C and can't be done in C++?