Message from C, C++ talks

July 2019

— Basics

— C++ is A DIFFERENT programming language

— There is literally no reason in starting with C

— Well, you're likely right


You could never touch c or c++ or coding in python , and program in c or c++ . Logic programming is fundamental

— I don't see any reason to learn cpp am already happy with C even if that makes it code verbose.

— Correct. Programing language just happens to be your hammer

— Do you know most common reasons why we sometimes can see a mix of C and C++?

— I think one of the reasons is when one wants to use classes 😁

— In my case its TMP and embedded target at the same time :D

— This is not the main core feature

— It’s more than classes

— OOP and low level, haha

— Look am not a fan of OOP so i don't care 😁.

— I am lazy to write things twice