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July 2019

— If cpp would be that good they would have rewritten kernel.

— I may be wrong though.

— There is virtually no reason to rewrite it

— You can mix C and C++ without issues anyway


You cannot rewrite something there is in production. You will need extension or something like calling an api

— Really?😁 C++ sucks

— There is actually quiet a strict policy regarding codingstyle in linux repos.

— You could technically mix cpp in there, but the community doesn't like it

— Not really?

— 👍

— Well, personally, I'm not against cpp. But... I'd still recommend that guy who's confused about loops to learn C for the first place...

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— This is like the most wrong thing ever.... "first learning c"

— Why you should mix both languages? More bugs , less memory management

— Basics

— C++ is A DIFFERENT programming language