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July 2019

— I mean the one I should learn first

— I want the whole output screen to continuously print 01 in random order

— C++

— NOT A C++ QUESTION ——- Hey there everyone, I just got into a course of MySQL and in that course they are working on Cloud 9 platform but unfortunately now Cloud 9 discontined its services. Do anybody have any idea of substitute cloud platform which will be free like cloud 9. Thank you.

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Please help
I am trying to create a simple window in opengl using glfw but I have included all the necessary arguments like
But it seems when I am compiling I get an error about undefined reference to createdw16 or something like that

Please is it a problem with gdi

And how do I solve it

I am using visual studio code as an editor

— U will understand basics better with C++

— Thanks but why please

— Up^

— Thanks

— You need to use a loop then.

— Nyuke3

— Use a loop on this?

— It's corresponding to what you need, as I can see at least.

— Actually i'm very confused about loops and there types rn will lyk if it worked out anyways :p

— Is C++ your first programming language?