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July 2019

— Yes

— What are you confused about

— Returning a value isn't black magic

— 😂


The stop is a flag.. When the input from the user is stop, you'd print some text and maybe quit the program or something.. In all I am sure the stop is a flag.. ❤

— This

— Thank you

— Looks like you literally reallocated 'a' in foo

— If you uncomment 18 line and pass it in foo you don't need malloc at 7 line

— I have probably misunderstood your question...

— He does not ubderstand that realloc does not allocate memory from the given address, but it actually changes the address

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— Hence a != b after realloc

— Foo gets a copy of a

— Not 'a' itself in that example

— What is x86 or 64 bit