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July 2019

— Like, print b before return and a after call

— I will get back in some time once I am on PC.
Thanks for your time though

— Hey guys
how do i test
for_each_n in Linux
It's showing not a member of 'std'

— Have you included <algorithm>?


And you need to make sure that your compiler is supporting C++17, and you've enabled it. E.g. for gcc you need to add -std=c++17 flag.

— Yes yes
Not working

— My GCC version is 7.4.0

— I have the same version, let me check

— Confirm, I have the same error. Maybe a newer version of compiler is needed

— I guess it would Work in LLVM

— Isn't 7.4 really old?

— Yus

— But it's not working even in online compilers 🤔

— Can i see the snippet of the code?

— Some C++17 things were added as recently as 9.1