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July 2019

— Imagine a, b are int. b is copy of a. Here you have same situation

— Doesn't a have the same address as b despite b doesn't exist anymore?

— Thing is, if oarameter is a pointer, it isn't always pass-by-reference

— Ofc not. They are different variables


They are at two different memory addresses.
In my case, it's the same memory addres that a and b are pointing to

— Only before call. When b is changed, they point to different addresses

— How has b changed? It still points to the start of the memory block ..right?

— B = ...
b changed

— A didn't

— Which line number has b changed in?

— The malloc one

— 7

— But I did a gdb..and just before foo exits, b holds the same address which it held at the beginning of foo

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— Points to or has?

— Just before