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August 2018

β€” Fast!


Just a dream :D I have done other things too, This project also has something like Twitter & Instagram
And of course it's multi language, You could get notifications in other languages

β€” All notifications are disabled in my browsers🀀

β€” :)) Yeah most of the time they are useless and annoying
But in my case notifications are part of this website, I mean I don't use browser's notifications

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β€” By the way, Few month ago Google inspired me by its Google Foobar! I didn't finish it I wish I had done
I learnd a lot from its challenges

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β€” For example

β€” Binary Search Tree, A*, Dependency Injection, Recursion etc.
Example of what I learnd or Challenges?

β€” Like maths, huh?

β€” BST For nested categoreis

β€” Me? Yeah, I like it! Actually these days I practice too much I mean more than before

β€” Wanna test your worth in it? what do you prepare for?

β€” Hmmm, IDK!