Message from C, C++ talks

July 2019

— That can not be replaced

— Why does this not work as expected?

— This kind of shitty code i seen the first time 😂

— Did a gdb there, can clearly see a and b hold same addresses


Me too, but it's a little bit interesting ,becuese there is a Recursion, it should ended till the x reach the N

— Or it will print from 1 to 10 ?

— I'm sure it does.

— Oh god , why do people need to write this kind of shit 😂😂

— This can help u to understand the && operator's priority

— Did they even after foo is closed?

— Not sure about b because once foo exited, we can't access b. But a still hold the same address

— But the print doesn't print what you expect, right?

— Yes.

— My code doesn't use reference.
It's a C program

— Can you try a = foo(a)?