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August 2018

— What i see is that you running those tools and set options for thumbnail creator..


Yeah, You know, I think it's not so important to exarct frames by yourself, It's just one time when user is uploading the video the proccess is not important here, But when you use others scripts, You may don't understand them and tehre will be some problems

— Is this a paid job or startup dream🤤

— Make another youtube😊

— Fast!

— Just a dream :D I have done other things too, This project also has something like Twitter & Instagram
And of course it's multi language, You could get notifications in other languages

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— All notifications are disabled in my browsers🤤

— :)) Yeah most of the time they are useless and annoying
But in my case notifications are part of this website, I mean I don't use browser's notifications

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— By the way, Few month ago Google inspired me by its Google Foobar! I didn't finish it I wish I had done
I learnd a lot from its challenges

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— For example

— Binary Search Tree, A*, Dependency Injection, Recursion etc.
Example of what I learnd or Challenges?

— Like maths, huh?