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July 2019

— I didn't get save return in main part

— A = foo(a)

— Yes, I do change b, but the address which b is pointing to is what a is also pointing to.

— When you change b, a remains unchanged


I deliberately didn't do that.
Reason: malloc does allocation in a heap segment. That segment is available until we free or terminate the program.
Now b is pointing to contiguous blocks of 4 ints. So, if I know address contained in b, I should be able to know about values also that are contained in those 4 blocks, shouldn't I?

— I am seeing openssl/md5.h and hex.h for.the very first time.

— Might be that are the header files created by him

Because our own created header files are not written like the standerd header file are writeen
So it is written like

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— So that hex.h are header file created by him for any of his specific need

— I was also thinking about it and what about openssl/md5 ? That is also written by him ?

— Soory sir i dont know about that

— What is line 7 intend to do here ?

— Reserving 4 contiguous blocks of size 4 bytes in heap

— Why before malloc, there is (*int)?

— Not really needed, but having or not having it is not problem

— But then in that particular code why he/she used it ?