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July 2019

— But the pass variable is not the md5 output, pass variable is the ASCII before being transformed to the md5

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— I inserted just one byte

— It doesn’t matter if out2 is having pass variable to stored its value = overflow

— Someone know some Qt5 IMAP libraries?


I am getting Heap-buffer-overflow at some point in this small code, I fail to understand why.
Till line#18, I could print the returnSize array content very well..then how is this a heap-overflow?

— Hello

— Hello

— If a and b are pointing to the same address and it's not lost, why can't I access the array from inside main?

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— You change b and return it, but dont save return in main

— I didn't get save return in main part

— A = foo(a)

— Yes, I do change b, but the address which b is pointing to is what a is also pointing to.

— When you change b, a remains unchanged

— I deliberately didn't do that.
Reason: malloc does allocation in a heap segment. That segment is available until we free or terminate the program.
Now b is pointing to contiguous blocks of 4 ints. So, if I know address contained in b, I should be able to know about values also that are contained in those 4 blocks, shouldn't I?

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— I am seeing openssl/md5.h and hex.h for.the very first time.