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July 2019

— Preferably use pastebin.

— Its not a lot

— Go ahead then.

— Rip didn't let me post it


" I have a question about the \"null\" whats like the opposite of it so I can make a windows with the eula pop up"

— Thank you! ^

— A window*

— Did you understand my question or do I have to be more specific?

— Sorry, you'll probably be requested to provide more details

— That piece of code doesn't tell anything

— What's the opposite of null? This is a dumb question I know so basically I have a problem with my program where when I open it it says there is an unhandled exception

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— Some value. Null is absence of a value

— Nevermind I got it

— But the pass variable is not the md5 output, pass variable is the ASCII before being transformed to the md5

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— I inserted just one byte