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July 2019

— And it's triggered because md5crypt returns null, which you're trying to pass in hexencode

— Md5crypt is most likely written the wrong way, which probably triggers segmentation fault. you should rewrite the function

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— This simply you have char pass[30]; and md5 is 32 pwned :)

— The program doesn't even reach the part where there should be a new issue


If you try to insert 32 into 30 you will likely get a segmentation fault 32 md5 + nullterminator the last digit or alphabet from md5 is overflow :)

— Hi could someone help me with a program in c. I could tell the details if you pm me please?

— We could help you with a specific question, but not write it for you

— Ask here

— Could I paste some code here?

— Preferably use pastebin.

— Its not a lot

— Go ahead then.

— Rip didn't let me post it

— " I have a question about the \"null\" whats like the opposite of it so I can make a windows with the eula pop up"

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— Thank you! ^