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July 2019

— But not a pointer

— Like what a computer is

— And how it works

— And it's triggered because md5crypt returns null, which you're trying to pass in hexencode


Md5crypt is most likely written the wrong way, which probably triggers segmentation fault. you should rewrite the function

— This simply you have char pass[30]; and md5 is 32 pwned :)

— The program doesn't even reach the part where there should be a new issue

— If you try to insert 32 into 30 you will likely get a segmentation fault 32 md5 + nullterminator the last digit or alphabet from md5 is overflow :)

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— Hi could someone help me with a program in c. I could tell the details if you pm me please?

— We could help you with a specific question, but not write it for you

— Ask here

— Could I paste some code here?

— Preferably use pastebin.

— Its not a lot

— Go ahead then.