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July 2019

— Hi friends

— Anyone who knows c programming to help me for growup skills

— We do. We'll help if you have questions, but no one will write a whole program for you

— Thanks bro


Whenever I open this group, all the mods and admin are like " dO iT oN yOuR oWn, bLa bLa shIFty FuCk bLa bLa"

— /saved

— List of notes in C/C++:
- 0_to_show_item_use"#item"
- awesomeness
- best
- best-book
- bingo
- callingfunction
- cbook
- `c++_isnt_c_with_classes`
- cpp
- cppbook
- findprojects
- freeprogrammingbooks
- gcc9
- goodcodingmentality
- goodgoogling
- googleit
- great
- hownottoask
- howtoask
- howtopostcode
- howtoprogram
- ide
- learn
- mcve
- meta
- noendl
- nousingstd
- offtopic
- ossu
- ot
- reference-the-standard
- rules
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— /learn

— Well if you had actually read the rules you'd know that we aren't here to write your programs and no bitching about it won't change anything. also insults like that aren't welcome here and i'm not sure if anyone except you has used them

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— Yet you quoted it as supposedly the "mods and admins" said it

— Like i should do your work...

— Giving people fish or teaching them how to fish?

— Leave it if you don't like it

— There's no any single chat on the internet where people would write code for you, and I doubt you'd be accepted anywhere judging by the way you're acting yourself, thus your request about "write code for me please" would never be accepted

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— Hi, I have a question, i'm creating a simple program that checks for a password to pratise some C programming, but I get a Segmentation Fault in the fgets function but don't know why. The C code is this one:

#include <openssl/md5.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "md5.h"
#include "hex.h"

int main() {

char pass[30];
char *out;
char *out2;
printf("[=] Password: ");
fgets(pass, sizeof(pass), stdin); // HERE IS THE ERROR
out = md5crypt(pass);
out2 = hexencode(out);

if(strcmp(out2, "E492931E5DAA29C4B1FE5B4A924567DB") == 0) {

printf("[+] Access granted, use the password as flag!\n");

} else {

printf("[-] Try again!\n");


return 0;


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