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July 2019

— Why? I don't help people who can't help themselves at all

— Yes. you need to have an algorithm to implement. you will have issues trying to implement a non-existent algorithm. a programming language just happens to be your hammer mrpunk007

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— I wrote them exactly what they want....

— Eg for this it would could 4 constants or so


If you know how to use C to solve your task but still have issues, you actually have logic development issue

— / / hey guys am new here

— Welcome!

— Okay thanks guys ,but what is this group all about

— Check pinned msg

— Alright

— Am I allowed to ask questions here ,am a c++ begginer

— Nice 👍
Go ahead.

— Write a program in wch you wll declare 2 arrays, 1 which will take 8 numbers from input and the other will store the square of those numbers...

e.g. if the 1st array contains the numbers 2, 5, 4, 9 etc....the nxt array shld contain 4, 25, 16, 81 etc and be able to output to screen....[25]

extra credit wll be given if you use a function to find the square of the numbers.

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— So, go ahead with it too. It's pretty simple program. And what you are doing now is not asking questions. You just want someone to solve your problem. It's not a right approach. You have to at least start solving it and asking some certain questions about what exactly you can't do and what exactly you want to know. And before asking just use Google. If you doesn't follow what I said you will possibly never become a programmer.

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— Thanks