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July 2019

— You need while and bunch of /%-=

— It's very tricky

— Not at all

— Bcoz as described
It should display no of notes it has as 500,200,100,50,20,10,5


Anyone can help me
I need c program to count number of character in sentence in a sentence excluding space and using while loop

— Okay, keep going, you're doing great

— Can you just tell how will you solve this (in plain English)?

— Once you are able to do this, the programming is just the next step

— >need

I don't think this group programs for anyone.

— Its not tricky

— I do

— Sometimes... If I have spare time

— Why? I don't help people who can't help themselves at all

— Yes. you need to have an algorithm to implement. you will have issues trying to implement a non-existent algorithm. a programming language just happens to be your hammer mrpunk007

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— I wrote them exactly what they want....