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July 2019

— Just telling. People try to make sense as much as they can with whatever English they know.

— Yes. Does it mean you shouldn't try making your writing more grammatical, especially when asking for help?

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— Sure

— Very well, yes.
Grammar is the toughest thing when it comes to learn a language


I cannot say there's something wrong with this message, but this guy didn't even bother to explain to us what EXACTLY he wants to know from others

— Foreign language, I should say

— #ot

— Https://

— Yeah. He could have articulated his query well, I second

— Hi

— Iam new here

— Welcome

— Sorry for offtopic.

I didn't say people who don't know english are bastards. It's not true. But let's face it: it's quite hard (boring) to help people who cannot explain an issue and express it in a brief way, they usually don't want to understand issues, because it's hard for them, they would prefer a simpler way, which means requesting someone to write code for them/fix it

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— 💯% ture....

— Double that