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August 2018

— Yee. its funny because you said you know nothing about JS but dropped a link to PHP.🤤 but i found the way it worrks.. its a shell_exec🤤 i think you need to read through docs of that ffmpeg if didnt already. there may be an option about separate file extraction.

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So what? Still I'm telling you I don't know anything about JS but I know PHP, I tought maybe I could crop images when user takes his/her mouse on that specific image and every 350ms I had to show part of that tooltip thumbnail (I sent it if you take a look at the top of conversation)

— Yeah, I did same thing for PHP's timeout problem, I ran it at the background proccess

— There is! I have all of those little images! But as i told you before i need to generate a preview script by a single image (By using only JS)

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— Did you read ffmpeg cli docs about extraction? yes/no

— No

— Okay. im not programmed to tolerate bad design

— Actually I mean not that much! I just know this command:

ffmpeg -i video.webm -ss 00:00:07.000 -vframes 3 thumb%04d.jpg -hide_banner

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— Hmmm

— If you had a set of images. will the problem be solved?

— I thought this is the best way to do this, I'm trying to create something like Youtube!

— Yeah, But there is one problem, It takes too much time to load each one! If you load frames in one single image it's so faster than 10 images ..!

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