Message from C, C++ talks

July 2019

— Hi. A have strange error with my project

— Https://

— Maybe i shoul manyally set order of obj file should linking?

— What's the ide you use?


If you use Qt, you can have some errors with the library of the others or somethings which works not as you want

— I had a problem of linking objects (like you) when I wanted to compile it in the ide of Qt

— Nox, I run the commands manually and I have no problem

— Maybe you should do this (for me it was with the 'make' command)

— Ok i try manyally build. So can u try build my prj it really small and just try build not exec)

— There is some dependencies ? (library, runtime...)

— No

— Just std now

— Ok wait plz

— Thanks

— Ok u have good error